Pass Every NCCAOM Board & Acupuncture Class On Your First Try

In two and a half years, I used the acupuncture study guides provided here to complete a four year acupuncture program with straight A's and pass all three NCCAOM boards on my first try.

When I first started my acupuncture studies, I was overwhelmed by the complexity and difference to Western Medicine. Breaking down the basics and building from there helped me continuously add new acupuncture material without forgetting the basics.

If it weren't for my in-depth acupuncture study guides, I wouldn't have passed in almost half the time it took most other students.

- Ali Damron, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac., NCCAOM Certified & 

Founder of

The #1 Source for Acupuncture Study Guides

What You'll Learn

As you know, studying acupuncture can be overwhelming. There's a lot of material that needs to be recalled and rarely do acupuncture books focus on the primary material. In other words, you have to go digging for the most important information that will 1) help you pass your NCCAOM boards and 2) make you a better acupuncturist.

We built Acupuncture Study Guides to solve this exact problem.

You will learn the primary information on each acupuncture topic while being able to retain this information.

Acupuncture Study Guides have helped simplify the process of studying and improve recollection of what you have or will learn so that you can pass the NCCAOM acupuncture boards and courses the first time around.

Whether you're a brand new student or about to take your boards, Acupuncture Study Guides will help you pass guaranteed.

Save Time, Money, Frustration, & Confusion with Acupuncture Study Guides


Acupuncture Study Guides is the #1 source for passing the NCCAOM boards and acupuncture courses per our customers. They've been loving Acupuncture Study Guides for years now. 

I wish that I had been lead to your website before I invested hundreds of dollars in textbooks that often confuse me more-so than help me to learn!
- Kellen, Customer in March 2015

The material is so well organized, which is great to keep focused. There is a tremendous amount of information this exam covers and this study guide brought it all together in a nice neat package that made studying a whole lot less stressful. Thank you, Ali!

- Maria, 2012 PIHMA Graduate

I find your study guides really clear and easy to learn from.

Rozalyn, Customer in June 2014

No One Said Acupuncture Studies Would Be Easy,

But It Shouldn’t Be Hard Either

I’ve been where you are right now.

Whether it’s studying for your first acupuncture board or just starting your first acupuncture course, I faced the same overwhelming feelings as you.

I built these acupuncture study guides to eliminate the overwhelming nature of the subject.

Once I focused on breaking down the material to it’s basics, I was able to increase my retention of the material drastically increased. Yes, I still had to study and refresh, but the task at hand wasn’t so daunting when I 1) retained most of the information the first time around and 2) was able to review for finals and boards within concise, straight-forward study guides.

The acupuncture study guides helped me create a system that allowed me to stay ahead of the course requirements thus never feeling like I was always trying to catch up and not properly learning the necessary material.

Studying for acupuncture is only difficult if you don’t have the systems in place to engrain and retain the principles and practices of acupuncture.

“But I Doubt Study Guides Would Help Me”

On Saturday mornings, I’d show up to take the weekly quiz or test at the beginning of the class and finish in 10 minutes. After turning in my answers, I’d go out to the courtyard of my school and wait.

5 minutes.

10 minutes.

25 minutes.

By about 30 minutes after I had finished taking the test, the final student would finish. It would take most of my classmates at least 10 minutes after me to finish and some up to 30 minutes.

My classmates would ask me, “How’d you get done so fast?” Then, they found out that not only was I fast, but I was getting straight A’s. Needless to say, they wanted to know how I did it.

“What’s your secret?”

I would answer with three small words: Acupuncture Study Guides

This wasn’t meant to brag. This was just the truth.

I had developed a system through my study guide material that saw me retaining the material and being able to apply faster than anyone else at my school.

People began asking for my notes and study guides. Soon thereafter, my classmates thanked me profusely. They were thrilled that there was a better way to study for their acupuncture courses and acupuncture boards. My acupuncture study guides weren’t just helping me pass my courses and boards, but they were helping everyone around me too.

And that’s when was born.

The Complete Package

Everything You Need to Pass Every NCCAOM Board and Acupuncture Course

What You Get

  • Every Acupuncture Study Guide (17 Total PDF Guides)
    • The Boards Review Study Guide Bundle 
    • The Beginners Bundle 
    • Plus 10 More Study Guides Covering:
      • Oriental Medicine Theory I, II, & III
      • Oriental Medicine Pathology
      • Herbology & Pharmacology
      • Western Nutrition and Exam Tests & Techniques
      • ...and much more

The complete package of Acupuncture Study Guides will guide you from your first day of acupuncture school through your NCCAOM boards. 

If you want to simplify your studies, retain the critical information, and pass on your boards the first time, the Complete Package is a must buy.

NCCAOM Boards Review Bundle

The Must-Have Collection for Any and Everyone Taking the NCCAOM Boards

What You Get

  • Covers Critical Aspects of NCCAOM Boards (5 Total PDF Study Guides)
    • Points Board Review 
    • Foundations Board Review
    • Point Location Review
    • Anatomy & Physiology Review
    • Needling Specifications & Information Review

I used Ali's acupuncture study guide for my board exam review and found it enormously helpful. The study guide touches on all the major areas you need to know for the NCCAOM exam.

- Maria, Passed NCCAOM Boards in 2012

Acupuncture Beginner's Bundle

Great for New Students Looking to Start Off on the Right Foot and 

Current Students Wanting to Nail Down the Basics 

What You Get

  • You will have the basics down with this package (4 Total PDF Study Guide's)
    • Anatomy & Physiology
    • Point Location Basics
    • Needling Specifications & Information
    • Point Energetics


How will I get my study guides once purchased?

  • You will receive a link to the Zip file as well as an email containing the same link. Once you click the Zip file, it will download and open up to reveal each of your purchased Acupuncture Study Guides in PDF format.

What if I don't like the material in the study guides?

  • We are confident you will be a satisfied customer. However, if the sun rises in the west and you are not satisfied, we guarantee a full refund for up to 7 days from time/date of purchase. Don't worry though. You will love these study guides.

Which package should I buy?

  • The Complete Package will encompass any and everything you will need to know to make sure you pass the boards and your courses. Boards and Beginner's Bundle have incredible value, but don't cover everything.

I still have questions...

  • No worries. We can do our best to answer them. Just hit us up by clicking right here and we will promptly respond to any inquiries you might have. Thanks for considering Acupuncture Study Guides.